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October 2015

Death’s Gross Empowerment

It honestly makes me sad that posts tagged “death” and such are almost always about suicide, self-harm, and depression, not just because these are all very serious subjects that need greater understanding and support but because death is so much more than all those things that are punctuated with horror gifs.  It’s more than the transformation described in the Tarot, more than the biological cycle of putrefaction and decomposition.  It’s a constant fear in the back of most of our minds, but while you shouldn’t obsess over it and forget to live, you can’t ignore it, either, and pretending otherwise just seems to worsen the anxiety and terror.  Even I get existential crises every so often, and it’s a struggle I’ve been waging since I was the little kid with too many nightmares.  Facing death, dancing and arguing and laughing with death, can be one of the most powerful things you do. Continue reading “Death’s Gross Empowerment”


Right Worship

For one of my undergrad philosophy classes, I wrote an essay explaining why God’s alleged omnipotence and omniscience didn’t necessitate human obeisance. I don’t remember what class it was for specifically or what I grade I got on it, only the righteous indignation as I sat muttering into my fifth cup of coffee in one of the campus dining halls. Adoration, unquestioning faith, and blind obedience: this kind of absolute surrender to a deity seems to be the most common understanding of what worship actually entails. I know people who have been drawn towards one Pagan path or another but who find the idea of developing a relationship with a deity utterly repelling because of this misunderstanding of what worship should entail.

Continue reading “Right Worship”

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